Its fame precedes it....

The Black_Forest_Cake is well known everywhere. It is a "classic" we can say, of German origin.

Most people are familiar with it, or at least have heard of it and want to taste it.

Use that on your benefit: people will love this cake in anticipation as soon as you mention its name!

Follow this recipe and you will not disappoint them...

*This is specially for you, the reader that asked particularly for this recipe. Hope you continue providing recipe suggestions :) .


Here are the quantities for a big square cake serving 52 and a smaller round version for 16 servings in maroon. As always, my servings are generous!


Chocolate sponge : 4x (2x) (500 g Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake Mix, 70ml vegetable oil, 3 medium-sized eggs and 250ml water as instructed in pack).

- Chantilly Cream : 5x (2x) (Double cream 600ml, icing sugar and vanilla essence)

- Syrup : 1 Lt (400 ml) (sugar, water).

-Cherry jam or marmalade (red or black cherries): 600 g (240 g)

-Cherries on Kirsch: 900 g (360 g)

-Cherries Maraschino or French Glase Cherries or black cherries: just enough for decoration

-Dark Chocolate bar: 300 g (120 g)

-kirsch or cherries liquor: as wished ;)


Follow the links for instructions about how to prepare the Chocolate Sponge, Chantilly Cream and Syrup.

It is important that you read the WHOLE preparation instructions BEFORE you start the procedure, so you know how to dosify the Chantilly Cream, the Syrup, etc.

-Cut three layers in the sponge: bottom, medium and top layers, originating 4 pieces of sponge.

-Placing the bottom layer on the serving plate/tray, moist it generously with kirsch or cherries liquor and/or the juice from the Cherries on Kirsch.

-Add a layer of the jam or marmalade and a layer of Chantilly Cream on top.

-Place the second piece of sponge on top.

-Moist this second piece as before, add a layer of Chantilly Cream and then the cherries from the Cherries on Kirsch.

-Place the third piece of sponge on top and moist it as before.

-For this layer procede as with the bottom layer.

-Place the fourth piece of sponge on top and moist it as before.

-Fully cover the whole cake with...

...Chantilly Cream.

-Decorate with chocolate curls (use a potato peeler);

Cherries Maraschino or French Glase Cherries or black cherries, and Chantilly Cream;

and melted chocolate (microwaved).

-Keep it in the fridge until serving.

-You are now ready to impress with this Black_Forest_Cake!!

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