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Tiramisu Recipe

You want to get it right? Tiramisu is your dessert!!

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Chocolate_Sponge Recipe for Beginners

The base for success: Chocolate_Sponge recipe

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My Likes

My personal Likes

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Privacy Policy

My policy to saveguard my visitor's privacy.

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Homemade Chocolate Easter_Eggs

Surprise your loved ones with these homemade Easter_Eggs

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Alfajores de Maizena con Dulce de Leche

Alfajores: cornflour biscuits sandwiched with Caramel filling and side-coated with desiccated coconut

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The only chili_recipes you really need for dips, toppings and meat accompaniment.

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Inspired by Mich Turner's creation for Sir Paul McCartney
and Heather Mills wedding cake as featured in "Spectacular Cakes"

Baby Boy Christening Cake

Orange and Dark Chocolate Cake- Full recipe here -

Alfajor Rogel

Inspired by Sexy Builders as featured in Debbie Brown's "Naughty Cakes"

Inspired by Racy Speedboat as featured in Debbie Brown's "Naughty Cakes"

Frozen Cake

50th Birthday Cake

First Communion Cake

Figs and Walnuts Cake

BBQ desserts

Strawberry Cake