It is that time of the year again: time to make Easter_Eggs!!

It takes a bit of work and patience, but the result is amazing!

Every year in Argentina for Holy Week, my aunty Susy and her two lovely daughters - María Florencia and Marcela -, get together for a very specific purpose: to make THE Easter treats for the whole family! It is now a very firm tradition and one that is enjoy for adults and children alike.

Looking for the hidden Easter_Eggs is another tradition, so popular indeed than even Willie, the family mascot, takes part in it!!

You already know my aunty Susy, she is the younger one in my parent's wedding picture,

and you already trust her recipes (remember Panettone ??).

The following is Susy's, María Florencia´s and Marcela´s recipe and also their pictures.

Hope you feel encouraged by them and decide to make your very own!!


(makes 10-12)

  • 850g Chocolate Cake Covering (or another chocolate that doesn't require tempering, e.g Mapricuber)
  • small amount of white chocolate for decoration
  • Treats for filling


- Cut the chocolate in small pieces of approximately the same size.

- Place half the chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir with a small wooden spoon and microwave for another 30 seconds.

- Repeat again until obtained a homogeneous and liquid chocolate.

- Clean a mould number 15 with cotton and alcohol (for a shiny finish).

- Place 3 tablespoons of the liquid chocolate inside the mould and spread it evenly, covering all the surface.

- Take immediately to the freezer for about 15 minutes.For a thicker layer, repeat procedure with more chocolate.

- When the chocolate is settled, it will remove easily from the mould with no need for pressure or tapping.

- Remove carefully all the half-eggs from the mould and let them rest in the fridge. You could leave the setting of the eggs for the next day if desired.

- Prepare the surprise filling. You could choose any sweet you like. Susy, María Florencia and Marcela prefer small chocolates treats and caramelised almonds (another family recipe), but you could also add M&M or any other sweet of your preference.

- With the ready and cold half-eggs, start setting the eggs. Place a pan on a low heat and put very briefly the edges of the half-eggs on the pan to just melt the edges. Try to keep your hands cool or use surgical gloves to avoid leaving marks.

- Place the treats inside one of the half-eggs and quickly join two half-eggs together, pressing to melt their edges.

- With some more melted chocolate, not that liquid this time but rather thick, place in a decorating bag and add chocolate in the area between the edges of the two halves, as a joining aid and a decoration.

- Decorate one of the faces of the egg with almonds and more chocolate. For a nice finish, decorate with some lines of melted white chocolate.

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