Fast Pineapple Cake

Quick, nice, and tasty cake for when having no time is just not an excuse!

This Fast_Pineapple_Cake couldn't be easier to make. Nobody will guess that it took you so little effort and time to produce!

It is perfect for those ocassions when you are rushing but would love to come up with something great nevertheless. In these situations, I have two options: this Fast_Pineapple_Cake or the 30-Minute_Cake with its many variations.


For ~27 generous servings, you will need:

- 6x Madeira Cake portions
- 3x 400g can of Pineapple Slices
- Chantilly Cream (2x Double Cream, sugar, vanilla extract)
- a taste of Port (optional)


With the six pieces of Madeira Cake form a squarish shape. Cut a layer half way through the height of the pieces, individually for each piece, with a knife or Cake Leveler. For detailed instructions about how to cut layers in a cake, click here.

Form again the squarish shape but this time with only the bottom parts of each cake piece.

Moisten this bottom sponge with 1/2 the juice from the Pineapple cans. You can add some drops of Port to the juice if wished.

Prepare the Chantilly Cream following the instructions given in this link.

Reserve 2/3 of the Chantilly Cream for decoration and spread the rest over the layer of sponge.

Reserve few Pineapple Slices to decorate. Cut the remaining slices in small pieces and place them on top of the Chantilly Cream.

Place the top portions of the cakes on top of the filling of Chantilly Cream and Pineapple.

Moisten the tops with more juice (with or without Port according to your preference).

Cover the whole cake with the remaining Chantilly Cream, and imprint some texture with a fork.

Decorate with the reserved slices of Pineapple and Chantilly nests using a nozzle set.

- Keep in the fridge until serving.

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