So, What Food Recipes Did YOU
Try in Your Last Trip?

I love travelling and learning about different cultures and their food recipes. I find it fascinating to learn about the ways people from diverse geographical environments deal with their particular challenges with the means they have at hand, transforming the whole experience into something unique, of their own. Their food is not exempt, it constitutes a compilation, an abstract, where we can “read” everything their culture has passed through over the years to obtain the final product: their local cuisine.

What a better way of learning about a place than enjoying its food recipes!

Exploring other places can take you to a fascinating journey of discovery. For me, acquiring the feeling of knowing a place, involves learning about the aspects that contribute to the uniqueness of that particular location.

I think that geography, history, culture, climate, and even religion, will all interact with each other, and that the local cuisine is the result of that interaction. And then, back home, I love to have a go at preparing those delicious dishes. It is my way of enjoying the experience all over again and re-capturing that holiday feeling...

In these pages you will find recipes from all over the world, within the frame of my own humble experience at having been in amazing sites, and comments on the factors that, in my opinion, are responsible for their local character.

I was born in Argentina from parents with Italian and "Yugoslavian" ancestors, a country with the influence of many European immigrants with strong culinary traditions. I have lived in Singapore and briefly in France; and I have been based in the UK for the last 15 years, a good strategic position from where to travel around and taste the most diverse food...

I hope you join me in this adventure of Been There, Eaten That and together we could enjoy the full dimension of these food recipe experiences.

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